doxx Issue Reporting

How do I report an issue with the doxx command line application?

Issue reporting is available on the doxx GitHub repository:

Submit a new issue report on the GitHub repository


Please include a detailed overview of your problem so that we can get to the bottom of it.

For bug reports, please include the following information in your issue report:

How do I report an issue with a doxx Package Repository project?

Each project package is maintained in its own GitHub repository with a naming convention that follows the package name used in doxx. The Package Repository is located here.

Please identify the project repository and create a new issue report in that repository for any problems that you encounter with package releases.

How do I report an issue with a third party project that will not build?

Please initially attempt to address these issues with the project developer. If they appear to originate from a bug in doxx, please use the link above to submit an issue report.

Contact the Developer

If you have a brief question or comment, feel free to contact me on Twitter.

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